Drop 15-30lbs, Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Fat and TRANSFORM Your Body and Mindset in Just 90 Days

Without Training Like a Maniac, Removing the Foods You Love Or Following a restrictive 800 Calorie Meal Plan.


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Why people love getting in shape with James...

Meet Donna

"...this is a plan for anybody"

Meet Yasmin

"With James being a parent himself... he understood us"

Meet Luke

"It's one of the best things me and my wife have done"

Meet Carly

"The best investment I've ever ever made"

Meet Charlotte

"You don't have to cut anything out"

Meet Alex

"It will take you to the next level and that's what it's done for me"

Over the next 90 days you will get...

Analysis plus a 90 Day Strategy Video

After completing your consultation questionnaire you will receive detailed feedback on how we're going to help you identify problem areas and come up with practical and effective solutions.

​Tailored Nutrition Plan

​A nutrition programme centred around the foods you enjoy, your lifestyle and your commitments. Designed to drop body fat while keeping you satisfied (RRP £147).

Training Programme

Our programme takes you through each movement step-by-step with in-app video tutorials and feedback opportunities at every point through the workout (RRP £147).

​Daily & Weekly Check-In and Habit Building System

Always stay on track and get the results you want for good with our Daily Check-In and Habit Building System. Your progress is reviewed each week and steps will be put into place so you never fall off the wagon and always move forward (RRP£97).

What's included in the
Nutrition Success Package?

How to use MyFitnessPal e-book

Take the guesswork out of tracking and learn all the tips and tricks to lead you to success.

Macro-counted recipes

Simply scan with the MFP barcode scanner, everything from breakfasts and smoothies to fakeaways and healthy desserts.

How to Conquer Craving e-book

Find out why you get these cravings and how to beat them.

Eating Out Guides

Eating out and need to know the macros? We have everything from McDonalds, Burger King, Greggs, Dominoes... you name it!

Video Presentations

On how all of this works so you can keep your results beyond our 90 day relationship (RRP £197).

Get the entire fat-loss package

WORTH £447 for just £297

Only 20 spaces remaining...

when they're gone they're gone!

Meet your new coach for the next 90 Days...

James Cartwright - Conquer Fitness

...who helps yo-yo dieters drop a lifetime habit to become the leanest, fittest and happiest they've ever been!

Often I'm asked the question...
"How did the REVIVE Programme come about?"

Well, it actually all started during the Covid-19 lockdown

During this crazy time in our lives my partner and I had two beautiful boys, and there wasn't much of a gap between them. 

Both I and my partner struggled in many ways. Things were difficult, our life was turned upside down. We faced new challenges as parents: lack of sleep, lack of time and lack of energy.

We often used this as an excuse for our binge-eating and lack of exercise. As most of us do.

After a lot of thought, I knew there had to be another way

We were both "yo-yo" dieters and binge-eaters, and so I spent a long time thinking about the triggers; our lifestyle, our behavioural patterns.

It was getting us both down. So we decided to make ourselves the guinea pigs. 

I was on the hunt for a better way. A way where we could not only lose weight around all the madness, but also keep it off

But here’s what they don’t tell you about keeping it off…

Unless you can stick with your diet and exercise plan FOR LIFE, that weight is coming back on again sometime in the future.

Because one day you’ll return to your old ways and guess what? You're back to square one.

Instead, what we needed was a way we could do some exercise and make some improvement to our diet. Just enough to move the needle so we could start seeing results...

...but not so much that it felt like hard work. Not so much that is was overwhelming and ruled our life. After all we enjoyed our food and we weren't ready to give it all up.

We sat down and put together the perfect plan together with a framework I still use today.

We needed something we would actually ENJOY, that didn’t involve complete sacrifice, and most definitely wouldn't be seen as “hard work”.

It was that initial time and attention to detail (unlike your standard one-size-fits-all programme) that allowed us to get in the shape of our lives 

It was that initial time and attention to detail that allowed us to build solid habits and foundations around our busy family and work life so we could not only lose the weight...

...but maintain keeping it off permanently.

At this point, I suddenly had an ‘ah-ha’ moment...⁣

“If I could help us do this - when we were at the busiest, hardest stage of our lives - maybe I could help other people stuck in a rut too!".

This led me to⁣ creating my unique Fitter, Leaner and Happier “Fat Loss Protocol”⁣.

(That’s the system I use to this date inside the FLH90 Fat Loss program.)

It’s the same system I have used with 100’s of fed-up yo-yo dieters and busy parents to enable them to transform their body, energy and confidence and finally stop running around in circles yo-yo dieting.

Get the entire fat-loss package

WORTH £447 for just £297

Only 20 spaces remaining...

when they're gone they're gone!